Hope Canyon
Hope Canyon is the name of a project whose purpose is to become a model for helping modern-day widows and orphans, in the form of single parents and their children. The original idea was simple: have a common campus where work, home, and school are all on the same property in a community atmosphere.

As with anything worth doing, the start and the end can look dramatically different as progress toward the goal is made. Originally the on-campus “work” involved a resort on campus. While that’s not a bad idea, that’s probably not the most realistic, especially as the world economy changes. However, the idea that people need to have a peaceful place to exist and accomplish things is still a very good idea.

To that end, Hope Canyon’s busines plan is being altered to make providing for everyone else the thing that provides for those in need. Win-win seems like the best way to do things, so that’s what we’re going to do.

The goal is to use ths site to document the process as it evolves from ideas to plans to reality. Between now and January, we hope to post more information about the direction we’re headed, and start connecting with people who like where we’re going.

Check back after the first of the year!