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Hope Canyon is a place for single parents to get on their feet, and get off government assistance.

We’re located in Dublin, Texas, near Stephenville.

Our goal is to teach ourselves and others how to live a sustainable lifestyle while helping others. In general the idea is to be a farm-planting community. In other words, teach someone to farm using our tools, then at the right time equip them with their own.

Moving life from chaos to contentment is a community effort.

Hope Canyon is a demonstration of combining business, community, and greenliness. We're aiming to show that you can solve multiple societal problems at one time:

• Food Supply/Soil problems

• Jobs/Income

• Ecosystem stewardship

• Difficult circumstances

• Hopelessness



We're creating a test environment on two acres in Dublin, TX. The plan is to have two homes and an aquaponics farm on the property. We'll host a single parent family, and teach them to raise veggies and fish. Housing, transportation, and food costs will all be shared.

Success will be marked by:

• Training a family to take care of themselves with their own food business

• Moving that family onto their own property

• Starting the process again with a different family

Once we've proven the concept works, then we start teaching others how to make their own training facilities. Eventually, we would like to have multiple nuclear families (Dad, Mom, kids, dog, cat) hosting two or three single-parent families each, all on one property. No, not a hippie community, but a post-modern small farming community, with emphasis on community.

If you’d like to keep track of our progress, visit our blog at .

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-Brad Stanford

January 2012

This started as a desire to help single moms. It evolved into a desire to help single parents. Then it merged with the need to experiment with off-grid and self-sustaining methodologies. Mix all that together, and you get a system to help get any people group fed, on their feet, and participating in the global economy on a local scale.

In addition, many single-parent (os any low-income) families have a very difficult time getting off government assistance. There really is no "upgrade" path. People need a place that keeps the cost of living down while they learn how to sustain themselves and their families.

If you need a shorter answer, it's this: we think that lifting people up while cleaning the world up is a worthy pursuit.


Hope Canyon